Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A New Facility for Flotilla 4

In September it was announced that Flotilla 4 will now have a new vessel available for use for the Spring 2009 season. This new boat is a 23' SeaRay Laguna Center Console. It is equipped with radar, GPS, Comm radios, and twin 135 HP outboard motors. It’s top speed will be nearly 60 Knots. Mr. Daniels towed the new boat to the Flotilla Business Meeting on September 14th for Flotilla members to look at. Over the winter months it will get some TLC and get outfitted with the necessary gear to be made a suitable CG Aux facility this spring. This facility will be available in addition to 2 other Jon Boats and a pontoon boat for multi-mission patrols and SAR's.