Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tomlinson Earns AUXOP Qualification

CWO Leavell (left) Presents Ralph Tomlinson with his AUXOP Device During the Division 33 Change of Watch

The AUXOP, or Operational Auxiliarist, program is an advanced training program available only to members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. An AUXOP member has completed six advanced specialty courses and is entitled to wear the special AUXOP device on the uniform. Those courses are Seamanship, Navigation, Patrols, Communications, Weather, and Search & Rescue.

The Director of Auxiliary controls the examinations for the AUXOP Specialties. All of the examinations are closed-book.

For the past few months several members of Flotilla 4 have been working hard to complete all of these courses. Ralph Tomlinson is the first member of Flotilla 4 to earn this prestigious award. Congratulations to Ralph. Hopefully more members of our Flotilla can accomplish this as well.

AUXOP Device

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 2009 Above Board

The January 2009 Flotilla 4 Newsletter, Above Board, is now available at

Monday, January 5, 2009

Flotilla 4 Makes Strides in 2008

In 2008 many things happened in Flotilla 4. Here is how the Flotilla stacked up against the other 77 Flotilla’s in the entire 8WR DISTRICT with regard to just a few things:

AUXOP Test Completions:
(District) / (Flotilla 4 )/ (% of total)
AUXCOM 12/ 10/ 83%
AUXNAV A 1/ 1/ 100%
AUXPAT 13/ 9/ 69%
AUXSAR 6/ 7/ 117%
AUXSEA 3/ 1/ 33%
AUXWEA 3/ 3/ 100%

Two exams that help lead to the Trident are the Good Mate and IMSEP.
Here’s how you did against the DISTRICT:
GOOD MATE 26/ 9/ 35%
IMSEP 16/ 4/ 25%

Likewise on specific competencies:
APC 35/ 14/ 40%
AIROBS 5/ 2/ 40%
PILOT 3/ 1/ 33%

(Statistics are based on Flotilla 4 completions versus the statistics in the Quarterly Report from the OTO)

This was due to the help from Division 33, particularly the Pauline Longnecker and Frank Reiss from Division who helped facilitate our testing.