Saturday, March 20, 2010

Coast Guard Auxiliary Works With Corps of Engineers To Keep The Public Safe

As flood waters continue to rise the Army Corps of Engineers has asked the Coast Guard Auxiliary to help them with public safety support around Saylorville Lake. Starting Monday, Coast Guard Auxilarists will support Army Corps of Engineers staff to help make the public aware of the dangers of the high water around the lake and to advise them to stay out for their own safety.

Due to the high water event, Saylorville Lake's public areas will be closed due to the dangers that the high water will create. Coast Guard Auxilarists will be stationed around the lake to help encourage the public to stay away due to the dangers that they may not be aware of.

Like many flooding events the rapidly rising waters, strong current and substantial ice still on the lake pose a significant danger to the public. For information on the current conditions at Saylorville Lake go to:

Deployed Auxilarists to North Dakota Working Hard

As Coast Guard flood relief operations continue in North Dakota our deployed Auxilarists are working hard.

Roland Newton is in Fargo with the Coast Guard Auxiliary communications team. They are providing communications for the air assets along with strategic High Frequency (HF) radio communications back to Sector Upper Mississippi.

Gene Kellogg spent today working alongside the Coast Guard in the North Dakota State Emergency Operations Center. He is working alongside active duty Coast Guard personnel from all over the country who are working to prosecute the requests as they come in. He is helping to facilitate the surface operations and air operations.

Ralph Tomlinson is in Fargo working alongside the Coast Guard air operations personnel who are overseeing the Coast Guard helicopters in the area.

All three will return to duty tomorrow for continued operations. Good luck to everyone in North Dakota!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Flotilla Members Deploy to North Dakota for Flood Relief Mission

Thursday 3 members of Flotilla 4 deployed to North Dakota to help support the Coast Guard flood response. Gene Kellogg of Cedar Rapids, Roland Newton of Ames and Ralph Tomlinson of Humboldt are currently in North Dakota at different locations.

Auxilarists Ralph Tomlinson and Gene Kellogg will help augment Coast Guard operations personnel to coordinate responses to requests from local and state agencies to help with the response to the flooding along the Red River.

Auxilarist Roland Newton will work with Coast Guard personnel to help aid in communications between Coast Guard assets deployed throughout North Dakota. These individuals were called upon because of their experience in helping to provide a similar function during the Iowa floods of 2008.

Last year, several members of Flotilla 4 were deployed to North Dakota and Minnesota to support Coast Guard flood relief operations along the Red River.

Auxilarist Roland Newton works communications during an event in Des Moines in August. He is one of 3 flotilla members who have been dispatched to North Dakota to assist with flood relief.
(U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Photo by Doug Jansen)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

January / February Edition of Above Board

The new edition of Above Board is available at AboveBoardJanuaryFebruary2010.pdf

This month's newsletter has articles about the Advanced Coastal Navigation Course, Ralph Tomlinson completing Coast Guard instructor training, DART training and Suzanne Tomlinson and Rob Green being named to the National staff. Thank you to all of our contributors who made this month's edition possible. The submission deadline for Above Board is the first Friday of each month. Photos, narratives and information is always appreciated.