Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flotilla 4 Participates in Medal of Honor Recipient's Homecoming Events

Auxilarists Wendy Faganel, Gene Kellogg and Nick Critelli meet SSG Salvatore Giunta during a reception in Hiawatha. (U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary photo of Mrs. Carmela Chiafos)

On November 16th, Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta received the Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama during a ceremony at the White House. Staff Sergeant Giunta is the first living recipient to be awarded the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. He was honored for his heroism and bravery during combat operations in Afghanistan in 2007.

Staff Sergeant Giunta earned the medal by charging a group of Taliban who were trying to take off with a wounded comrade during a battle. His actions stopped the Taliban’s attack and allowed him to regain control of his wounded comrade. He also saved the lives of the many other members of his unit who had been caught in an ambush by the Taliban.

His hometown of Hiawatha, Iowa had a parade and gathering to welcome SSG Giunta home. Flotilla 4 members Wendy Faganel, Gene Kellogg and Nick Critelli represented the Coast Guard Auxiliary during the parade and ceremony. These Auxilarists were able to meet SSG Giunta and thank him for his service and congratulate him for earning the Medal of Honor.