Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Bass Pro Shop in Altoona is Our Newest Recreational Safe Boating Program Partner

Auxilarist Jeff Towle at the Recreational Boating Safety Booth at the Bass Pro Shop
(Coast Guard Auxiliary Photo by Doug Jansen)

Flotilla 4's newest Recreational Safe Boating Program Partner is the new Bass Pro Shop in Altoona. The store had its grand opening this weekend and Auxilarists from Flotilla 4 and Flotilla 6 were there talking to the public about water safety and America's Waterway Watch. Customers talked to Auxilarists about life jackets and boating safety on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Flat Bottom Coast Guard Auxiliary Facility

Auxilarist John Halbrook backs his flat bottom jon boat off of the trailer and heads to the dock as part of a patrol on the Des Moines River.
(U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Photo By Doug Jansen)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

June / July Editon of Above Board

The new edition of Above Board is available at

This month's newsletter has articles about our mission operations, our public education activities and about Doug Jansen going to the Public Affairs C-School. Thank you to all of our contributors who made this month's edition possible. The submission deadline for Above Board is the first Friday of each month. Photos, narratives, and information is always appreciated.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Fast Addition To The Flotilla Fleet

The newest addition to Flotilla 4's fleet of Operational Facilities
(U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Photo by Phil Patterson)

As of today Flotilla 4 has another Personal Watercraft (PWC) on the books as an operational facility to serve the missions of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Auxilarist Phil Patterson's PWC will be used to patrol local lakes and rivers. Its speed and manueverability will help with covering a large area quickly and effectively. Phil hopes to complete his qualification as a PWC operator by the end of the month.

Congratulations Phil!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Boat To Handle the River

Here is a before picture of the boat as John received it.
(U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Photo By John Halbrook)

Here is an after picture with the boat all decked out with Coast Guard Auxiliary ensigns and signage.
(U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Photo By John Halbrook)

After several months of refurbishment and hard work, Flotilla 4 has gained another Operational Facility. John Halbrook's 14' Jon Boat is now a facility and will be used to patrol the Des Moines River. It took sanding, scrubbing, painting and a lot of TLC to get the boat brought up to snuff, but it is now ready to hit the water. With its shallow draft it is an ideal platform for patrolling the Des Moines River where the river is not always suitable for the Lady Grace to patrol.

Coast Guard Auxiliary, Corps of Engineers and Iowa DNR Team Up to Make Water Safety Fun

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Iowa DNR and the Coast Guard Auxiliary teamed up to make water safety fun by having a water safety beach party at Sandpiper Beach at Saylorville Lake. The event was aimed at families with children to learn about water safety in a fun way.

There were several stations that kids both big and small could enjoy. Kids and parents got to learn how to toss a throw bag to a person in the water at one station. At another station kids got to get fitted for a life jacket so that they knew what size they needed. Kids got to also try out a third station known as the "Sink Fast" station where they learned what to do if their boat is sinking and how to quickly react. Finally, the Iowa DNR provided t-shirts for kids to design and make up with water safety themes.

Flotilla 4 member Brandon Butters served as the Coast Guard Auxiliary Project Officer for the event. Auxilarists Mary Kimmich, Jim Berry, Steve Johnson, Vic Voskans and Francis Meyrat participated in the event.